the Beauvilles are on the road. Check out the tourdates section for more details...

The Beauvilles are on tour. The Beauvilles love their friends and lovers, and the road. The Beauvilles are, in fact a living vestige of American Rock and Roll music.

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New Alumni Bands Update 

Hey gang. Thanks for coming to our Miami and Tampa revival shows. Thank you also to all the venues and friends around the USA that invited us to other gigs / tours etc. At the time being the Beaus aren't accepting any shows. But, the boys from the band have moved on to other endeavors like the following... 

Singer Shawn Kyle is fronting the band the AMFMS featuring members of the Dirty Names, yes this is a real thing, and it's completely mad. Check out the AMFMS on Facebook here: AMFMS Facebook. They boys will be releasing a video in Spring 2014 and have tour dates lined up for late May in NYC and east coast USA. Initial reports state that the band sounds pretty much like where the Beauvilles left off ... so there's that if you are into it. 

Shawn's also fronting the band the Heavy Metals, which predictably has nothing to do with Heavy Metal. It features a bunch of Florida based psych rock / garage alumni from other bands, notably Pryscila from the Florida Kilos, Jasmine from Article 47 and Christian from Sunsigns. They're playing some limited festival dates, including a date or so with Surfer Blood, and old buddies Beach Day. If you're into psych / garage rock like them on Facebook here: the Heavy Metals Facebook

Max Norton has signed on with Beau friend Ben Booker who recently was signed to ATO records. They made a good impression at SXSW 2014, and are about to go on their first national tour. It's a big f***ing deal. Check out Ben here:

Other updates as they come. Thanks again. 




Revival Show Announced: December 12th 2013 BARDOT MIAMI

No one thought this would happen, including us. Good friends made this happen. And we plan on putting on a hell of a show for you. Still, this is a one-time thing, and probably won't happen again. Thanks for the love. See you in Miami. 


Shawn, Jason, Matt 


Our buddies in LeBlorr have evolved into SWIMM 

... and they are also now California Natives. Check em.


NEWS: Hiatus, Other Beau Projects & Bands. 

Hi friends, 

As many fans may have noticed, we are in the middle of a bit of a Hiatus. So we wanted to update you, friends and fans on what we are up to, and why. 

hi·a·tus/hīˈātəs/ Noun: A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

So, no we haven't broken up. No we didn't get in a fistfight or etc. Yes, there are new songs that have been recorded. No, they aren't released. Yes, we did play at some colleges recently for some festivals. We still all love eachother as brothers, and plan on touring and releasing more music. 

So what is it that you guys are doing exactly? 

Well, glad you asked. 

Jason Dudney is currently doing film and cinema and hosting an online radio show with Rhino Online on Thursdays: Under The Rock Radio, but check for the schedule and archives. 

Max Norton is currently working on a farm. He is doing shows with Shawn in their Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Black Sabbath band the Laurel Canyon. He is also doing work with the songwriter Will Quinlan in the band the Diviners. 

Shawn Kyle has been wearing swimsuits and touring with the beach garage rock band the Florida Kilos with Pryscila Loren and Katherine Kelly, as well as recording some music with Max Norton in the group the Laurel Canyon.

As always, thanks for believing in this and our music. 



April 5th: Beauvilles at the University of South Florida: Bulls Radio Concert 

April 5th - 2012 Bulls Radio Music Fest : LOCAL LIVE 2102 : the MLK LAWN at University of South Florida 5pm -11pm free to the public, food and drinks. 







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